Eyelid Treatments

A dryness or eyelid consultations are between $80 and $145.
Treatments, ranges between $175 and $275 per treatment.

Eyelid infection? Chronical problem prevention

Eyelids can be affected by different infections or inflammations.

This can cause chronical problems (blepharitis, dry eyes, ocular rosacea…).

The regular eyelid hygiene (cleaning the eyelashes with appropriate products) can help reduce the patient’s symptoms. Generally, the optometrist recommends to apply heat on the eyelids following a light massage or the prescription of medication to control the infection or inflammation. If the condition leads to a gland blockage in the eyelid, there will be the creation of a stye (condition with symptoms such as tingling, redness and/or pain) or a chalazion (a non-painful bump on the eyelid).


The optometrist will make sure that the gland can be unblocked by scratching what is blocking the opening and will prescribe the appropriate treatment (drops, ointment, heat, massages…).

A treatment in clinic is also available. It consists of using a mask on the face who will warm up and will stimulate the affected gland (LLLT: Low Level Light Therapy technology). The treatment, lasting 15 minutes, is without risk and will grandly accelerate the healing of a stye or chalazion, even when it has been present for months.

Orgelet Traitement des yeux

Stye : The stye develops on the boarder of the eyelid, at the root of the eyelashes. Caused by a bacteria called staphylococcus aureus, the stye is a pilosebaceous follicle eyelash infection, or a sort of eyelash boil.

Chalazion Traitement Yeux

Chalazion : The chalazion is a non-infectious inflammation that could get infected if not well treated. Not to confuse with the stye: the chalazion is generally in the eyelid thickness, while the stye is at the root of the eyelashes on the edge of the eyelid.