Your eyes in the best hands

Our optometry clinic is located in
Sainte-Rose, Laval. Prescription handed over
(with professional advice).

Your optometristes, Dr. Gallant, Dr. Bédard and Dr. Aumond, take the best care of your vision and ocular health. No glasses for sale.

Prevention is better

Optometric exam

The majority of eye conditions don’t have obvious symptoms. Prevention brings more effective treatment because it started soon enough.

It happens sometimes...

Ocular emergency

Red eye, eye pain, eye infections, flashes, new floaters (also called spots), sudden blurred vision… Assessments and treatments.

Other ocular services

Treatments &
follow-up care

Blurred vision, eye strain, eye pain, headaches, dry eyes, allergies, double vision, lazy eyes… Solutions.

Ocular health problems?

We offer quality, patient-centered optometric care in a warm environment with state-of-the-art technology, no matter what eye problem you have.

Monitoring myopia progression

High myopia affects the eye’s health. Preventive treatments with specific contact lenses or eye drops

Solutions to eye diseases

Referral cataract surgery and patient monitoring following a surgery. Prescriptions of drops for glaucoma. Detection of wet macular degeneration.

Ocular reports and forms

Reports and forms for your doctor (diabetes, cholesterol, plaquenil), for the SAAQ, for schools. Referral in ophthalmology when required.

Visual & care products

Magnifying glass adapted to reading, telescopic glasses (television, shows) for patients with low vision.